NTSF Waterloo District – 2019

Welcome to the Waterloo District of the Ontario National Theatre School Festival! Our showcase will be held this year from Tuesday, February 26 – Friday March 1 at St. Benedict CSS, 50 Saginaw Parkway, Cambridge, Ontario.

Our theme for this year’s Waterloo District is “Find your light.” In theatre, to find your light means to stand so the lights are hitting you correctly, so you aren’t standing in half-light or shadows. In a broader sense, it means to look for and focus on the things that inspire you, that speak to your values, that give you hope. We believe in the power of theatre to transform us for the better – whether we are performers, writers, directors, stage managers, tech crew, or audience, we all grow by our participation in this festival! We encourage you to see every show, to approach each other with enthusiasm, and to recognize and celebrate the talent and hard work from each cast!

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